How To Vote Responsibly

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If you are going to vote – please do so responsibly. 

We have a hard decision to make. We are amid a historical change and you can either be a part of that or be someone who wasted their chance at having their voice heard. Brexit is one of the most significant political chapters Britain has faced in decades and perhaps in our lifetime. However, many people have been run amuck by the fake news, false lies and the genuine fog which clouds our opinions.  

This article serves the purpose of helping you make an informed and educated decision on the general election of 2019, after all – it will change our future. Here I hope to offer the resources and guidance on how to vote responsibly. It is non-biased and favours not one of the political parties. Rather, it offers key information, taken directly from the source of each parties’ manifesto. 

Please read through each point directly and understand what it is you are voting for. Below I will include a download link to each of the political manifestos directly. 


Current leader: Boris Johnson 

Founded in 1834 by Robert Peel 

Manifesto points: 

  • “Get Brexit done, unleash Britain’s potential”  
  • Extra funding for the NHS, with 50,000 more nurses and 50 million more GP surgery appointments a year 
  • 20,000 more police and tougher sentencing for criminals 
  • An Australian style points-based system to control immigration 
  • Millions more invested every week in science, schools, apprenticeships and infrastructure while controlling debt 
  • Reaching net zero by 2050 with investment in clean energy solutions and green infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions and pollution 
  • We will not raise the income tax, VAT or national insurance 
  • Investing £14 million over 3 years to increase funding for every primary and secondary school pupil in the country 


Current leader: Jeremy Corbyn 

Founded in 1900 By Kier Hardy  

Manifesto points: 

  • “It’s time for real change”  
  • Create a million climate jobs in every region 
  • Re-nationalise rail, mail, water and energy services 
  • Full-fiber broadband free to everybody  
  • End food-bank Britain 
  • Living wage of £10 per hour 
  • End zero-hour contracts and strengthen trade union rights 
  • Create a national education service with lower class sizes and free university tuition fees 
  • Give the NHS the funding it needs, end privatisation, never put the NHS on the table for trade negotiations  
  • NHS to offer free prescriptions and free basic dentistry 
  • End social care crisis, funding free personal care for older people and extra care packages 
  • Reverse a decade of cuts to police 
  • Foreign policy based on peace, justice and human rights 
  • Sort Brexit within 6 months with one final Brexit referendum 

Green party 

Current leader: Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry 

Founded in 1972 by Michael Benfield, Freda Sanders, Tony and Lesley Whittaker 

Manifesto points: 

  • “If not now, when?” 
  • Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy 
  • Better insulation for homes 
  • Major heating upgrades for 1 million homes a year 
  • 100,000 new energy efficient council homes a year 
  • Sustainable public transport revolution 
  • Support for businesses to de-carbonise 
  • Training to give people the skills to access millions of new green jobs 
  • 700 million new trees planted 
  • Support for healthy and sustainable food and farming systems 
  • A combined investment of over £100 million in the green new deal 
  • A people’s vote on Brexit 
  • Replacing the current democratic system with a proportional voting system giving 16-year old’s the right to vote 
  • Reverse austerity, tackle discrimination and end war on drugs 
  • Re-form tax system so the wealthiest pay their fair share 

Scottish National Party 

Current leader: Nicola Sturgeon 

Founded in 1934 By the Scottish party and the National Party of Scotland 

Manifesto points: 

  • “Stronger for Scotland” 
  • Believe the best future for Scotland is the be an independent, European nation 
  • By going independent, this will allow Scotland to end poverty faster, play their full part in tackling the climate emergency, ensure a fair deal for pensioners, create new opportunities for jobs and their economy 
  • Aim to deliver a new referendum on becoming an independent country 
  • Before the end of the year, they will demand that the UK government transfers the necessary powers under The Scotland Act to ensure the decisions about the referendum can be taken by the Scottish parliament 
  • Scotland voted to remain in the EU and have since then been ignored 
  • Supports a second referendum and the revocation of article 50 
  • Will propose a new national health service protection act 
  • End austerity 
  • Will demand to end policies which support poverty and inequality 
  • Call for a devolution on drugs policy 
  • Oppose any increase to the state pension age 
  • A tailored migration system that works for the Scottish economy and society  
  • Press for the devolution of employment law so Scottish parliament can protect workers’ rights, increase living wage and end the age discrimination of the statutory living wage 
  • Propose a green energy deal 
  • Scrap trident and re-invest in public services 

Liberal Democrats 

Current leader: Jo Swinson 

Founded in 1988 by the Liberal party and the Social Democratic party 

Manifesto points 

  • “Stop Brexit” 
  • Anti-Brexit and stand with the EU 
  • Cherish freedom of movement in people, goods, services and capital 
  • Defending human rights, rule of law and democracy 
  • Believes the EU can clamp down on abuses by global corporations in a way that Britain can’t. For example: in tackling tax avoidance and misuse of personal data 
  • Defend the benefits of free and fair trade 
  • Boost infrastructure 
  • Invest in education 
  • Establish a legal framework for a digital Europe 
  • Membership in the EU means students have access to the Erasmus+ scheme to study and live abroad 
  • The EU funds research into new treatments for disease 
  • Working with the EU is critical to meeting global climate targets set by the Paris agreement  
  • Being in the EU allows us to abolish roaming charges and geo-blocking 
  • Committed to combating discrimination in minority groups such as: women, ethnic minorities and LGBTQ+ members 
  • Britain has more global influence as an EU member 

Plaid Cymru 

Current leader: Adam Price 

Formed in 1925 by Saunders Lewis 

Manifesto points: 

  • “Wales, it’s us” 
  • Aim is to ensure Wales remains in the EU 
  • Campaigning to give the decision back to the people in a referendum  
  • If Wales leave the EU, they project a slow-down in growth of 5.5% by 2030 
  • Improve the lives of Welsh families 
  • Tackle the climate and biodiversity crisis 
  • Boost our economy, schools and health service 
  • Provide free personal care for older people 
  • Lift 50,000 Welsh children out of poverty 
  • Create tens of thousands new jobs throughout Wales by kickstarting a multi-million investment programme in re-newable energy, transport infrastructure and digital technology 
  • A goal of making Wales a carbon and single-use plastic free nation by 2030 
  • 1,000 new doctors, 5,000 new nurses and 100 new NHS dentists 
  • Universal free childcare for 40 hours a week and A £35 a week payment for every child in low-income families 
  • £300 million extra for schools and colleges 
  • Major investment in environmentally sustainable, affordable homes and rent relief for people who pay more than 30% of their income on rent 
  • Create a Welsh justice system, devolve policing and create a new crime prevention fund to recruit 1,600 extra police officers 

Brexit party 

Current leader: Nigel Farage  

Formed in 2019 by Nigel Farage and Catherine Blaicklock 

Manifesto points: 

  • “Contract with the people” 
  • Reform the voting system to make it more representative 
  • Abolish the unelected house of lords 
  • Make MP’s who switch parties subject to recall petitions 
  • Overhaul the postal voting system to combat fraud and abuse 
  • Reform the supreme court, judges who play a role in politics must be subject to political scrutiny  
  • Make the civil service more accountable to the public 
  • Phase out the BBC license fee 
  • Require universities to incorporate an obligation to protect legal free speech 
  • Introduce citizens’ initiatives to allow people to call referendums 
  • Raise £200 billion by: scrapping HS2, keeping the £13 billion annual EU contribution, recovering our £7 billion from the EIB, re-directing 50% of the foreign aid budget 
  • Invest at least £50 billion in local road and rail schemes 
  • Invest in digital infrastructure 
  • Invest in our highstreets 
  • Invest in young people 
  • Abolish inheritance tax 
  • Invest £2.5 billion in our fishing and coastal communities 
  • Invest in the environment 
  • Recycle our own waste and make it illegal for it to be exported across the world to landfills and/or ocean dumping 
  • Invest in NHS and social care 
  • Invest in strategic industries 

Manifesto’s download link: 

I hope this article helped you, let me know your thoughts and opinions below – but please keep it civil.


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