How to Improve Your Ability to Finish Tracks

Tips and tricks to help you finish more beats 

Featuring DJ and producer Ventus 

The world of music and technology is ever-changing. The two are conjoined in providing opportunities for evolution and a new wave of home studio production has taken the industry by storm. What once costed thousands can now be bought for a couple of hundred pounds. With more and more producers creating tracks from their very living-room. However, this revolution in music creation comes with its own set of challenges and producers are finding it harder than ever to finish their beats and create full tracks.  

So, why do producers struggle with finishing their tracks? and how can we help each other in doing so? With the aid of EDM artist: Ventus, I hope to answer these questions and provide some insight into this issue.  

Ventus is a DJ and producer based in Yorkshire. Covering a wide array of EDM genres, Ventus has released a synth-wave album, several Drum and Bass singles and a collection of minimalist-jungle inspired tracks. I spoke with Ventus on how to get better at finishing your beats.  

I asked Ventus, why do producers struggle to finish their tracks? 

A: “I think that they overthink it a lot of the time, I’m definitely a victim of that. I think that most of the time it’s that they compare themselves with other people, and don’t do what they really want to” 

So, how can producers finish more of their tracks? 

A: “Recently, there’s been a surge of music that’s not even finished. They’ll make the intro and they’ll make the build-up and then they’ll just release it and it’s like, is that a finished track? Or is it an idea? Understand what it means for the track to be finished.” 

One way in which you can help to finish your tracks is to copy and paste certain sections. Which Ventus says sounds kind of pseudo, but then you can create variations in the copied version. This is a method to help lengthen your tracks and you shouldn’t be used to just be copy and paste it to the end. Provide a structure for yourself and then create fluctuations in the dynamics of your track.  

As well as this, you should try to create a consistency in finishing your beats, no matter what you think of it. The more you get into the mindset of finishing tracks the more prone you will be to do so in the future. It is a habit thing. You don’t have to create and finish a beat all in one sitting but returning to a track should be a consideration before beginning a new one. Allow this habit to become an instinct.  

Something else which I think is holding producers back is their own technical ability. However, you don’t have to be a technological whizz to finish brilliant tracks, as Ventus explains: “I think if you’re aware of your own technical ability and you can make the most of what you know, then you can make it work. There is a lot of music that doesn’t require much ability and some of the best music in the world has been simple.”  

Sometimes, producers need outside sources to help them finish their beats. I asked Ventus: What resources have helped you in the past to finish tracks?  

A: “listening to music, don’t be afraid to listen to music that you don’t know, because that can change everything. Sometimes it’s not even music, even a Joe Rogan podcast or a documentary or something like that. Something that is a bit mentally stimulating but nothing like Love Island.” 

For many music creators, ideas are easy but arranging is hard. However, there are techniques and solutions to help us with this. Ventus provides an interesting insight into the world of producing and has provided us with some crucial information to help us finish our beats. But what do you do? How do you finish your tracks? What are your tips and tricks?  

Let me know your thoughts below and let’s become better producers, together. I hope this article helped you and I’d love to hear your stories too! 


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