How to use social media to promote music

Strategies for music promotion in the digital age 

During the history of the music industry, the forms of music promotion has been ever changing and this could not be more apparent in the digital age. The digital age brought many changes to the music industry and for a long time the industry suffered as It could not adapt to new technologies such as the internet. However, we are finally seeing the changes we need to be able to grow and prosper together as an industry and community. 

One of these changes in promotion is the use of social media. Much to many musician’s dismay, social media is now being used to effectively promote music world-wide. But why is social media important? 

According to, an estimated 3.48 billion people use social media every day. This is 45% of the earth’s population; with an average user spending 2 hours and 23 minutes of their daily time scrolling down news feeds, messaging people and looking for new products to buy. So, it is easy to see why musicians and artists have taken to these platforms to promote their music, it is because that is where their fans are.  

But, what can you do to improve your social media presence and therefore generate more fans for your music? 

  1. Get on the big three 

Much like the big three record labels, there are some main players in the world of social media. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have fast become the go to apps to download on everybody’s phone and are usually apps which are open all day on some people’s desktops.  

Each platform is slightly different in how we use them, but appropriate training can allow you to become adept at using these platforms and will push your music leaps and bounds in the future. For example, learning how to make an effective social post will dramatically affect the way you are perceived on social media and how much each individual platform ranks you in their algorithm.  

However, there are also other possibilities when it comes to social media platforms and don’t feel as if you should restrict yourself to the big three. Snapchat and YouTube are also excellent ways of reaching your fans and even LinkedIn and Pinterest can be of use. It is best that you spend time getting to know these applications as if they were people themselves, choosing the ones which you are most effective at using and are most efficient in reaching and growing your fans.  

  1. Beat the algorithm  

Each social media platform has some sort of algorithm for rating your content and how and who they display that content to. It is important to keep this in mind when using these services as you will need to learn what makes these platforms tick. This can be done through trial and error, reading informative articles online and learning from others.  

For example, when google bought YouTube back in 2006, it began to integrate its algorithm into YouTube. This was to try and take the company to the next level, but it was also to try and create a system that would match users with content that was popular and that they would continuously watch. This is one of the reasons that newer youtubers are finding it harder to grow and are not growing as fast as past youtubers; because the popular content is staying popular and YouTube’s homepage rarely ever shows young, budding youtubers. A monopolization and status quo of the YouTube platform.  

So, it is important to learn about these algorithms so that you can use these platforms to their fullest extent and get the most out of your time investment. As well as this, it is to make sure you don’t fall behind and go by un-noticed by your fans.  

  1. Hire a social media manager 

In some cases, musicians and artists either struggle with using social media or they don’t have enough time to invest in using it. One way to solve both these issues is to hire a social media manager. These are people who will manage the ins and outs of your desired platforms and will help you to keep a healthy following whilst also generating a healthy income of new followers who will become your fans.  

Effective social media managers will monitor your statistical insights and data and they will make the best educated decisions on how to improve on last month to take your social media further. This is directly related to marketing as having an effective social media presence will lead to increased sales and happy customers. This is because most, if not all, of your fans are now online and meeting them there with your music in open hands is the best way to use social media for music promotion.  

What are your experiences with social media? Do you have the largest following in the world? Or are you built around a small, but dedicated community?  

Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. 


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