Are Rammstein the Best Metal Band in The World?

5 reasons why this band makes the best metal music in years

Over the past decade, there have been some tremendous acts in the world of metal music. From Amon Amarth-to-Avenged Sevenfold, Baby Metal-to-Cradle of Filth. However, none have quite managed to capture the authenticity or ferocity of the German metal band Rammstein. Here’s five reasons why Rammstein is the best metal band in the world right now. 

5. They are all original members 

Starting a band is hard, it takes time, dedication and hours of practice. So, it’s no wonder after a few years that some bands want to go their separate ways. Not even The Beatles could last longer than 10 years! Well this is not the case with Rammstein. The band formed in 1994, in east Berlin, over 25 years ago. Since then the band has not seen single line-up change and all original founding members remain present to this very day. For some, that would take quite the emotional and mental toll, but Rammstein have persisted and all six members now operate like a family. These members include: Till Lindemann (Vocals), Richard Z. Kruspe (Guitar), Paul Landers (Guitar), Christoph Schneider (Drums), Oliver Reidel (Bass) and Flake Lorenz (Keyboards). 

4. They have built upon the rich musical history of Germany 

Rammstein aren’t just a metal band, they’re a German metal band and there is quite a difference. This is due to several reasons. One of which is how Rammstein have been influenced by Germanys rich musical history, the most important of which is having an enormous back-catalogue of classical composers, including the likes of: Ludwig Van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach and Richard Strauss to name a few. 

As well as this, the band exclusively sing in German. In the beginning, some may have thought this was a bad move on their part as breaking into the commercial mainstream would be hard if they did not sing in English – as this one of the most widely spoke languages. However, the German language and accent is perfect for metal music and is an integral part of the Rammstein sound.  

In recent times, the band has adopted a more electronic sound into their music. This is very reminiscent of the German synth band Kraftwerk and Rammstein seem to be building upon the lineage they left behand some years ago. This blend of metal and electronica can be described as “Tazmetal.” 

3. They are full of historical, social and cultural relevance  

Rammstein aren’t just singing about lashing back pints and making a ruckus, they cover some very interesting and extremely relevant topics. Take one of their newest songs for example: Deutschland. This is the lead single from the band’s latest self-titled album. It is basically the story of Germania (German for Germany) all the way from 16 A.D to present day. It features some shocking footage of medieval knights, the Nazi regime and terrorists from the 70s as well as some sci-fi predictions for the future of Germany. The video is controversial for many reasons, but it is at its heart very true and real. Rammstein aren’t afraid to provoke ideas and cover such disputed topics.  

Another rather controversial, but incredibly culturally relevant song is Auslander. This is because the song and music video depict a group of Germans going on an excursion to visit an indigenous tribe. It seems rather innocent at first as the band contact the tribespeople and become friends; learning from each other about the earth and the collective society that lies beyond the tribe. However, on the last night of their stay several of the Germans get picked off one by one, by the women of the tribe, and get taken into individual tents. This whole song is a metaphor for how many Germans have an accustomed culture to go to Thailand for sex-tourism.  

On top of this, the band’s name comes from an air base in Rhineland, Palatinate. This was the site of an air crash disaster, in which a US air show ended up injuring and killing over 80 people. This is also what their first ever song was about, and their name roughly translates to “battering ram made of stone.”  

As well as this, Rammstein seem to use a lot of political imagery in their music videos. However, on several occasions the band have denied any claims of trying to be political whatsoever.  

2. They are amazing entertainers 

When Rammstein perform they damn well perform. Their shows are an eclectic blend of pyrotechnics and phenomenal stage installations. Ever since their beginning, Rammstein have had a synonymous reputation with pyrotechnics. In 1996, this reputation nearly caught up with them as burning stage parts began to fall to the ground. However, this didn’t stop them, and front man Till Lindemann then trained as a licensed pyrotechnician to avoid any further harm or injury. This culminated in providing an amazing experience for their fans with flamethrower shotguns and burning smokestacks, that would rival the flames at Chernobyl. 

  1. They make good music, really good music 

It probably goes without saying that if you’ve been together for over 25 years and have an enormous and dedicated fanbase that you make good music. Rammstein make great music in fact, so much so that their first album “Herzeleid” (translating to heartache) went platinum in several European countries. Followed by their second studio release “Sehnsucht” (translating to nostalgia) which went platinum in both Germany and America. Their latest self-titled album was recently certified to be x2 platinum by the federal music association in Germany. Within its first week it sold 260,000 units, becoming the fasted selling album from Germany in the 21st century. It reached number 1 in the German charts and number 3 in the UK. As well as this, the band featured in the American top 10 for the first time, reaching number 9, a massive triumph for Rammstein.  

However, what do you think? Let me know your thoughts on Rammstein below.  


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