How music marketing can enhance your career

Learn why marketing your music is important to your success 

If you’re looking at having a successful career in music, then you need to be marketing your music. This because if you don’t market your music, very few people may hear it and therefore not buy it, meaning that you are not making a living from your music. However, very few people understand this concept and simply brush it off as a bi-product of the digital age. Here I will explain to you the meaning of music marketing, how it can enhance your career and I will also provide a few examples of how you can be marketing your music. 

What is music marketing? 

To put it simply, music marketing is a strategy designed to increase sales of an artist’s music. An artist may have multiple marketing strategies over the duration of their career. This is because they may undertake multiple music projects and need to market each project individually. Music marketing is different to other marketing plans because normally the customer dictates what kind of product is sold to them. However, in music, the product has already been made and therefore requires an artist’s music to be marketed to a particular target audience. Unfortunately, because of this business model this means an artist cannot be guaranteed an outcome and this is the single biggest challenge an artist faces when trying to successfully release their music.  

How can it enhance your career? 

Music marketing can enhance your career because it allows your music to be seen by a wider audience. It can also enable you to discover your target audience and therefore define who should be listening to your music. If your music is marketed effectively and efficiently, to this target audience, it can lead to more sales and more sales can allow you to have more creative freedom as you start to create funds to budget your next release. As well as this, it can provide an income from your talents and allow you to become and independent musician and eventually, ditch your day-job.  

Examples of music marketing: 

Like music itself, there are many avenues to go down when marketing your music. Choosing which ones, will depend on what you are looking to achieve and what kind of budget you have available. One of the most cost-effective methods of marketing your music is by using social media. This is because it is free to use and you can manage it yourself, even from the comfort of your own living room. As well as this, you can also use email marketing, by creating a mailing list, and playlist plugging to send your songs to radio stations and Spotify playlist curators. On top of this, the most important type of marketing you can use is setting up your own professional website. By doing this, you provide a clear and concise way to interact with you audience. 

At the end of the day, you are going to have a much more successful and fruitful music career if you begin to market your music. You can do this yourself by using DIY methods, such as social media, but you can also seek the help and guidance of a music marketing company. Either way is fine, and It mainly depends on your budget, but it is the expertise of music marketing companies that will really make a difference to your career. This is because they will equip you with the means to market your music on a professional level and will allow you to break out of the underground and into the mainstream.  


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