Tool have embraced the digital age and so should their fans.

In a highly controversial move, the band Tool have re-released their entire back catalogue onto major music streaming sites.


Where are the women in music?

The issues women face and the resolutions we may offer. During the 1950s and 60s, rock’n’roll was an expression of sex and the practice which came with it. The very idea of ‘sex’ helped to sell many products and even records back then. Now-a-days, it has been highlighted that this selling of sex may have led to... Continue Reading →

Journalist Josh Press Release August 2019

  Journalist – Musician – Writer Journalist Josh Launches Freelance Music Journalism I am Journalist Josh, a freelance music journalist based in the UK. I am a dedicated individual with an incredible love and respect for all styles of music. As well as this, I am a developed and professional journalist with dynamic writing skills, strong organisation and an eye... Continue Reading →

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